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PullUp Station – The evolution of your training environment

Expand your training repertoire with the PullUp Station - the perfect complement to our renowned Dip Station . Designed for athletes who refuse to compromise, this innovative module offers flexibility, quality and durability in one.

Seamless integration: The PullUp Station can be easily and versatilely attached to the Dip Station - choose to mount it at the back or front, depending on your space and training preferences.

Grip strength meets durability: With our special surface process, we guarantee a non-slip and rust-free surface of the PullUp bar. Adjustable in 5 cm increments, the height can be individually adjusted for a tailor-made training experience.

Innovative hooks: The barbell hooks with integrated wheels allow the bar to be moved effortlessly. Thanks to the magnetic pin lock, they always stay in the desired position, without the unwanted rotation of other models. Covered with plastic protection, both the barbell and the structure of the station are protected.

Precise and safe: For precise adjustment when bench pressing, the hooks can also be adjusted in 2.5 cm increments. The massive safety arms, also height-adjustable in 5 cm increments and protected with plastic, can withstand even the heaviest weights and protect the surface from damage.

Key features at a glance:

  • Flexibility: Versatile mounting options and height-adjustable components.
  • Quality: Specially treated, non-slip and rust-proof rod.
  • Innovation: Hooks equipped with rollers with magnetic pin locking.
  • Safety: Solid Safety Arms with plastic protection.
  • Compatibility: Perfect extension to the existing dip station.

The PullUp Station from Supreme Force sets new standards in training equipment. Developed for demanding athletes who value quality, functionality and durability. Experience the next level of your training with a station that leaves nothing to be desired.

Pull-up station

Sales Tax Included |
Production time approx. 3 months
  • Height: 285cm

    Width: 125cm

    Length: 90cm

    Length with Safety Arms: 146 cm

    Weight: approx. 90 kg

  • Follow this short video tutorial

Immediately available

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