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Developed and tested by the European champion!

Take your tension/pull strength to a new level with our groundbreaking folding seal row. This unique training device combines performance, functionality and space saving in a revolutionary design. Whether you are an experienced elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, our Seal Row will exceed your expectations.

The highlight of this Seal Row is its space-saving feature. You can easily fold it up and store it away effortlessly when not in use. This means you can save valuable space in your fitness room or home gym without compromising on the quality of your workout.

Thanks to the adjustable height using the angle adjustment in the foot, the Seal Row adapts perfectly to your individual needs. You can adjust the height so that you achieve the optimal pulling movement for your upper body and achieve maximum muscle activation.

Attaching to the rack has never been so easy. Thanks to our innovative fastening system, it only takes 1-2 minutes until you are ready to unleash your power. No more annoying screws or complicated assembly - the Seal Row is ready for use straight away.

The Seal Row is an exercise for the back muscles that has been somewhat forgotten. However, it is an excellent antagonistic exercise for the bench press. While several muscle groups are involved in lat pulldowns and rowing, it is possible to train the latissimus and back muscles in a much more isolated manner, as it is hardly possible to falsify the exercise.

All you need to start training immediately is a rack, 2 pairs of hooks, a barbell and weights.

HGB Seal Row

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  • The Seal Row is suitable for all common racks. The width of the rack may be a maximum of 128 cm.

    • High quality upholstery

    • Height adjustment of the top edge of the cushion in 3 heights: 99 cm, 89 cm & 58 cm

    • Magnetic pin for angle adjustment

    • Barbell protection at the bottom of the seal row

    • Quick assembly

    • Plastic feet

    • Can hold up to 300 kg

Immediately available

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