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Developed and tested by the European champion!

This rack attachment offers the opportunity to train the lower body without putting a lot of strain on the back. In addition, compared to entire machines, it saves a lot of space and is a good alternative to a leg press!

The Beltsquat is solidly constructed and equipped with a support that can be folded away when starting so that you can start straight away. The support is also held in position by a magnet so that it cannot swing during execution.

The attachment can be hung on the side or front of the rack. The belt squat gives you a perfect ratio of length and weight ratio.

The stability is unbeatable! Athletes have already tested this device with 400 kg!

Belt squat

Sales Tax Included |
  • The Beltquat is suitable for all common racks.

    • Disc buffer for discs
    • Disc holder 50 / 30 mm
    • Magnetic support
    • Rack mount with plastic protection
    • Quick assembly
    • Can hold up to 450 kg

    You should have about 1.6 m of space to use it. (Belt is not included!)

Immediately available

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