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Developed and tested by the European champion!

Our Leg Curl / Extension Attachment for your rack is an absolute must-have for all fitness enthusiasts! With its numerous new functions, you will take your leg training to a whole new level. The locking options at the angle now allow you to do lying leg curls, split squats and many other exercises that will really get your legs burning!

The ability to screw on the upper roller on both sides shortens the conversion between exercises by 3 - 5 times and gives you more time to fully concentrate on your training.

The main tube made of stainless steel with laser-engraved numbers gives you the opportunity to set the positions the same every time during the exercises and thus get the most out of your training. The lower cushion and the disc holder sit on a sliding system that you can easily adjust in height with just one locking bolt. The symmetry of the disc holder and the lower pad allows you four different placement options to achieve the perfect load curve for your training. Extending the lower pad to the rear and the disc holder to the front improves the load curve at the lowest and highest points and thus ensures an even more intensive training experience.

Leg Curl/Extension V3

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  • detail Value
    overall length approx. 79 cm
    Length arm approx. 49 cm
    Weight approx. 20 kg
    Adjustment range 15cm
    Load capacity (static) 200kg

    *Your rack dimensions are not included? Then send us a project request !

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