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The story behind Supreme Force

Supreme Force is more than just a fitness equipment brand; it is the result of a visionary merger between Homeygym Builders and Barzflex, two pioneers in the field of fitness and sports facility construction. This merger was driven by the shared belief that everyone should have access to quality training options - whether at home or in a professional studio. Our goal is to spark a fitness revolution through innovative products and dedicated advice.


our mission

We want to transform the fitness industry through groundbreaking innovation and unmatched quality. Every product that leaves our company is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our desire to continually push the boundaries of what is possible. We firmly believe that good training can make the difference in anyone's life and are dedicated to creating equipment that maximizes this potential.


Our expertise

Supreme Force's expertise is based on decades of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of sports and fitness equipment. With a deep understanding of the needs of athletes and a relentless pursuit of perfection, we drive innovations that improve the way people train. Our products stand for durability, safety and ease of use and set new standards in the fitness industry.


The people behind Supreme Force

Our team at Supreme Force is our greatest strength. From the visionary founders Lucas Hügerich and the Barzflex team to our passionate engineers and designers to our customer-focused sales team - each and every one of us shares a passion for fitness and a desire to help our customers achieve their personal best. We are a diverse team that combines expertise from different areas of sport and technology to create products that inspire and motivate.


Our commitment

At Supreme Force we are committed to sustainability, quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that by providing the best equipment and service, we can not only improve our customers' training, but also make a positive contribution to a healthier society. Our equipment is designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible and we continually strive to optimize our processes and use more environmentally friendly materials.

Visit our website to discover more about our philosophy, our products and how Supreme Force can help you achieve your training goals and take your performance to the next level.

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By athletes
for athletes

“Almost anyone can come up with an idea.

What really counts is the development of a practical product."

Henry Ford


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