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The width-adjustable dip bar - your path to outstanding performance in the dip!

This innovative training device offers you maximum customization options and enables athletes of all fitness levels to exploit their full potential.

The Dipholm is made of high-quality steel and impresses with its stable construction, which has been extensively tested by top athletes who reached the 300 kg mark with additional weight.

The Dipholm has already been used in several weighted calisthenics competitions and has impressed the athletes.

The width-adjustable handles allow you to individually adapt the dipstick to your body size and training needs. This ensures an optimal wrist position and consistent muscle activation during your training.

Whether you're striving for explosive power or impressive stability, the width-adjustable dipstick offers you the ideal platform to achieve your goals.

With the width-adjustable dipstick you not only get an outstanding training device, but also a symbol of your determination and ambition!


Sales Tax Included |
  • The Dipholm is suitable for all common racks.

    • Width adjustment middle bars 40 - 65 cm
    • Width adjustment in 21 steps of 12.5 mm each
    • Handle diameter 5 cm (optional: 3 cm)
    • Handle surface blasted
    • Rack mount with plastic protection
    • Quick assembly

Immediately available

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