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The best dip bar currently on the market!

The dip station that every gym must have! Premium quality that pays off!

This is what the Dip Station can do

  • Width adjustment of the bars: Every person is different, so the dip width must also be individually adjustable. It is so easy and easy to adjust like no other without having to screw. You can go from a giant to an athlete in seconds.

  • Extremely grippy handles: In order to train like a pro, the grip of the handles must be right! Our handles are made very grippy using a special process.

  • Load capacity: The dip station can support up to 400 kg. No other manufacturer offers this.

  • Quality you can count on: We know how important safe training is. Our station is robustly built and offers the stability that athletes need for intensive training.

  • Compact: The station only has a footprint of 1.8 x 1.08 m.

  • World Championship Recognition: Feel the quality and functionality recognized by world-class athletes with a station selected as official equipment for the World Championships in Weighted Calisthenics.

  • Community-driven: We listened to feedback from athletes and developed a station that offers exactly what the community needs.


  • Can be easily expanded with additional products

  • Disc bearing is made of stainless steel to prevent wear

  • Dip station with competition standards

  • Precise width adjustment in 12.5 mm increments

  • Only high-quality materials

  • Can be mounted flexibly in height

Dip Station

Sales Tax Included |
Production time approx. 3 months
  • Follow this short video tutorial

Immediately available

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