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Special Prowler

The Hamburg Olympic Training Center asked us for a Prowler with special requirements. Of course, we couldn't refuse this request.

In general, the Prowler is a very attractive training device because it uses many muscle groups in the body, including the legs, buttocks, back, shoulders and arms. Pushing or pulling the Prowler requires a coordinated movement that challenges the entire body.

Our Prowler has adjustable handles. With these you can not only adjust the width of the handles, but also quickly and easily change direction when pushing the Prowler. All you have to do is insert the handles from the front into the rear mount.

Thanks to the eyelets welded on both sides, you can not only push the sled but also pull it. This offers significantly more training options.

The runners of the sled are designed so that the sled glides well even on rubber floors and protects them.

We designed a Prowler that not only met the athletes' requirements, but even exceeded them!

Let YOU also be inspired by our products!



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