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Mehrere Athleten auf dem Supreme Force DIP Barren

Ready for the ultimate dip challenge?

Show your strength and endurance at the Supreme Force Dip Maxout at FIBO 2024! Compete with the best athletes on the scene and fight for victory. Qualify now and secure your place in the competition!

Supreme Force Logo

Dip Maxout Challenge

@FIBO 2024


How it works:

  1. Post a video of your current Dip PR on Instagram.

  2. Mark
    @calisthenics_cup in your post.


  3. Include your body weight and dip PR in the caption.

  4. Fill out the registration form and paste the link to your Instagram post.

The top 3 women and men qualify for the competition on Sunday at 2 p.m. on the FIBO stage.


1st place

+ Dip-Holm Dipholm ADJUSTABLE V3 (value: €1,560)*

+ 2x weekend tickets for Final Rep Euros in Dessau

+ Gornation DIP Belt Premium Dip Belt & Wrist Wrap

+ Chiefs 100€ Nutrition voucher

*on 2 years lend


  • 4-day pass for athletes

  • exclusive access to the athlete lounge

  • Meet & Greet with professionals

  • Food & Drink For Free

  • Various exclusive partner goodies

The assessment is based on the RIS Score (Relative Score), which takes into account the additional weight in relation to body weight.

Competition Process

14:00 - 14:10:

14:10 - 14:15:

14:15 - 14:55:

14:55 - 15:00:

Heating up the audience, introducing Final REP and Supreme Force, explaining the competition format

Introduction of the 6 athletes and their records

3 rounds: 1st round all participants, 2nd round top 6, 3rd round top 2 (max. 2.5 minutes per dip)

Winner interview, award ceremony, photos at the Supreme Force booth

Cooperation partners

Calisthenics Cup 2024 Logo Weiss

Ready for the challenge?

Thank you for your registration. See you soon!

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